Merger & Acquisition

The acquisition of a business may be structured in a variety of ways, including an asset sale, a stock sale, or a merger. The structure of the acquisition will be determined by a variety of accounting, business, legal, and tax considerations.So:

How will you integrate the two companies ?
How will you minimize the loss of productivity of either company?
How will you speed and ease the integration of work processes and support systems?
Should you run the companies as one or keep them as separate business units?
What about your people? How will this impact them and should you care?

The Solution:

Darin’s Merger & Acquisition Change Management services. These services are designed to meet the needs of companies who are going through a merger or acquisition and wish to make the integration as seamless as possible and obtain the maximum return in the shortest time.

The Merger & Acquisition Change Management services are your guide to a successful transition!

The Merger & Acquisition Change Management services will provide you with the following deliverables:

An assessment of the critical merger & acquisition readiness
Dimensions that determine the likelihood of success.
A detailed risk report outlining where you are aligned to the Readiness dimensions
and where you are not, and the potential advantages and risks of the planned merger
or acquisition.
An action plan for minimizing risks or better preparing for the transaction.
Coaching and training to assist in the transaction.
The Results: A faster, smother, less painful and more profitable merger or acquisition that leads to continuous profitable growth.

Why Darin ?

Darin focuses on guiding the growth of individuals, professionals and businesses, season after season. We provide business growth solutions that help you create continuous, profitable growth, from the inside out! To help you get the greatest profitable return on growth from a merger or acquisition Darin provides our Merger & Acquisition Change Management services.