What we can do for you

Our Consultants have developed proprietary methodologies in two main business lines:

Restructuring services
Talent Solutions.
Restructuring Services

Our methodologies help clients to design and implement a plan when they need to downsize, integrate after a merger or acquisition, or consider any outsourcing or off-shoring.This approach enables Clients to identify immediate and long-term requirements.

We build in a focus on important social needs and provide career transition services to support individuals and groups affected by the restructuring who need to find new and interesting positions. We also help clients plan their internal and external communications, and train their managers to action the difficult changes.

Talent Solutions

Allows companies to manage effectively the development of their own human capital. Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining talent has become the single most important Human Resources challenge for many of our Clients today.

Our proprietary services include assessment, career management, training and coaching, as well as succession planning and major change management projects.