Darin Communication’s history: a wide range of services for your convenience.

Since 1987 Darin Communication Group understood that the world was rapidly changing, getting people together, joining business, sharing resources.

But the process was taking place too fast, with so much confusion that the result was most of the time a non homogenous mix of entities with no connections between them.

Transforming companies joining people and resources requires a great effort and great competency bringing not only knowledge but also order and a clear view.

We have understood the needs companies were having in adapting to the new challenging era they were facing in the years to come and therefore developed skills to help these companies get the best out of their experience to share with other entities, whether other professionals, companies or structures.

Services developped over these years enabled us to be in the best position to offer a wide range of possibilities, from Merger and Acquisition, to Tax Planning, Market Analysis, Risk Management and much more.

During these processes a common problem was communication. So many cultures, so many countries and so many languages. The communication has always being a part of all these processes.

Darin Communication at first felt the need to have professionals taking care of legal and financial documents translations and printing. That is the reason why has developed its own translation department by joining resources with other professionals over the world.

Things became more and more demanding and documents were piling up which forced us to built a Structured Translation Service offering a day-by-day service independent from the financial department onto which rely any communication and language problem. The translation department suddenly became a separate structure serving many customers in the industrial, financial, IT and economic fields.

In the latest period Internet and all technological devices have been taking more and more importance in everyday business activity. Our international structure naturally evolved in order to be competitive and to satisfy all Client’s needs. Our E-Business service is the newest and most relevant communication service created upon our customers’ exigences.

Among the services we offer we are sure you will find a solution for your specific needs which often are a mix of different actions. Feel free to call us to examine your needs and let us find the best possible solution for you.

Start the journey with us, you will soon see the harbour where to land for resting.